Conference Schedule

We are pleased to announce the program for ICSAA to be held in Toronto Canada on August 24 – 26, 2018.

conference attendeesCredit and thanks for the workshop topics is given to our early conference registrants.  We believe this program represents our ICSAA 2018 theme of “Inclusion and Diversity” which we are gathering to celebrate. We hope that the program will both inspire and challenge your thoughts, and reinforce AA’s commitment to an informed group conscience which values the minority voice on all topics.

It should be noted that this program is where it stands at the moment. We all know that things change. Updates will be provided here as workshops and panels are added or details amended.

We are fortunate to have two featured speakers on the program – Dr. Vera T. and Deirdre S.

List of Workshops/Panels

  • Secular AA for Dummies
  • History of Secular AA
  • Medical Panel
  • This Is Just to Say, Looking at Poems of Recovery and Writing Our Own
  • The Relevance of the 12 Steps: An Atheist View
  • Pets in Recovery/What other things have helped
  • Are Atheist Thumpers Dividing Secular AA?
  • What works in Various Formats in Secular Meetings
  • Reunion Francophone
  • Regional Conferences – How, When and Why to Conduct them
  • Personal Story and Emotional
  • The Current Landscape of Recovery
  • How to Start a Secular Meeting
  • The impact of the Toronto Intergroup experience for Secular AA/Other Intergroup or District Experiences
  • Sobriety Courts/Drug Courts
  • Traditions Workshop – Traditions 1,3,5,10 and 12
  • Online Meetings
  • Small Town AA
  • Workshop on the Secular AA By-laws
  • Disease of Perception
  • AA Literature: Revise? Reject? Replace?
  • Starting Secular Meetings in Frontier Territories
  • The History and Use of “Living Sober”
  • Afternoon with the Atheists
  • Prejudice and Stigma in AA
  • Emotional Sobriety
  • Al-Anon/Family Panel
  • Women’s Panel