Conference Schedule

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The Host Committee is pleased to announce the program schedule for ICSAA 2018

 August 24 – 26, 2018

Credit and thanks for the workshop topics is given to our early conference registrants.  We believe this program represents our ICSAA 2018 theme of “Inclusion and Diversity” which we are gathering to celebrate. We hope that the program will both inspire and challenge your thoughts, and reinforce AA’s commitment to an informed group conscience which values the minority voice on all topics.
All times, topics, and presenters are subject to change as circumstances merit. Except for 4 p.m. conference closing time on Sunday, it is advised that you do not make travel plans based on this schedule. 

We are fortunate to have three Outstanding featured speakers on the program – Dr. Vera T. , Deirdre S. and Dr. Ray B. These will be “must see” events.

Friday programming to be announced by the end of June.

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Note: When viewing Schedule below on smaller devices (Phones/Tablets) “scrolling” may be necessary to see all of Table.

DAYTimeGrand Ballroom  TimeSalon I: Meetings  Salon II  Salon III  Salon IV Salon V
Saturday09:00-09:50Introduction: "Inclusion & Diversity"
Saturday10:15-11:15History of Secular AA (Roger C.)10:00-10:50Sober She Devils AA Meeting-(Maria T.)My Pet is Step 2 (Nigel and Andrew H.)How to Start a Secular Meeting (1 of 2) (Presenter TBA)What Differences do our Differences Make? (Ronald H.)Relevance of 12 Steps (John H.)
Saturday11:00-11:50Yoga About the ICSAA bylaws (Sam, Geri)Pioneering Groups (Justin H.)Implications of Not God (Paul F.)Thriving and vibrant: The growth and maturation of secular meetings (Geri, Doris)
Saturday12:00-13:50Lunch and Keynote Speaker: Vera T12:00-13:50Lunch and speaker in Ballroom
Saturday14:00-14:50Are Atheist Thumpers Dividing Secular AA? (Vic L., Courtney, Sam, Thomas B.)14:00-14:50Age 35 and under AA meeting (Lena)Using poetry in recovery (Sharon W.)History and Use of “Living Sober” (Geri)Emotional Sobriety (Archer V.)Ray Baker workshop
Saturday15:00-15:50Intergroup Impact (Bob K., John S., Cope C., Larry K.)15:00-15:50LGBTQ AA meeting (Candice, Andrew H.)TBATBAPrejudice in AA (Bob Mc.)The Current Landscape of Recovery (Lubow)
Saturday16:00-16:50Women’s panel: Where do I Fit in to this White, Male, God-Based Fellowship? (Doris, Cope C., Geri)16:00-16:50Francophone reunion (John C.)Refuge Recovery (Roshni)Small Town AA (Joy)Understanding Spirituality as Defined in the Big Book’s Appendix (Glenna R.)AA Literature: Revise? Reject? Replace? (John L.)
Saturday17:00-17:50Keynote Speaker: Deirdre S.17:00-17:50Speaker in Ballroom
Saturday EveningPossible poetry/music/sober socializingSupper on your own
Sunday08:30-10:20Breakfast and SecularAA Business Meeting
Sunday10:30-11:20Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ray Baker
Sunday11:30-12:50Lunch on your own
Sunday13:00-13:50The Biology, Psychology, and Philosophy of Spirituality. (Vera T., Lubow, John Ma.)13:00-13:50Adult Children of Alcoholics (Dylan)Sought through Prayer and Meditation in AA Recovery (Alyssa E.)How to Start a Secular Meeting (2 of 2) (Presenter TBA)Historyof Unrepresented Populations (Jackie B.)Running online meetings (Courtney S.-Maria T.-John C. Carol P.)
Sunday14:00-14:50Afternoon with the Atheists (John C.)14:00-14:50Secular Al-Anon meeting (Presenter TBA)LGBQT themed workshop (Andrew H., Candice)AA Trusted Servants (Presenters TBA)The Intersection of Secular AA and Psychotherapy: How AA informs mental health treatment and why Secular AA is important to this partnership (Sheila K.)Trauma and addiction (Catherine R.)
Sunday15:00-15:50Regional Conferences: How, when, and Why to Conduct Them (Murray, Tom, Life)15:00-15:50AA meeting (Presenter TBA)TBATBATBATBA